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appOptim is a mobile ad network aimed at mobile app developers; it offers a unique and exclusive monetization solution.
appOptim works with a unique SDK, which contains various choices of ad formats and amazing tools. These provide the user with a successful sharing experience, which makes money on each install.
Yes, it is totally free. All app developers can sign up and select our SDK, which is very easy to integrate and costs absolutely nothing.
appOptim develops solutions based on our users’ requests. Right now, we serve Android, IOS, Java, HTML5, Basic4Android and Unity 3D. We are working to add support for more mobile OSs in the future.
Payment is guaranteed each week, after completing full analytics. This means that it takes a few extra days the first time. We offer payment by wire transfer and PayPal.
We offer great benefits and exclusive rates for our developer clients. we offer for publishers the opportunity to make up to 99% of revenue sharing, depending on volume.
We grant you high shared revenue with exclusive publishers, as we consider that too many ads in a single app make the entire business worthless. So our model attribute revenue to affiliates that use our tools and Admob only (Google)
The SDK is a home screen mini shortcut, easy to move, that provides tools, including messenger, translator, flashlight, shortcut storage and a Sharing world in the name of your app, with a direct link to your app. We monetize some of our tools, including Web Search and Apps Browser.
the app installs an In-app widget in your app’s name. All actions (browsing, messaging, translation….) in this area are according to that name. The idea is to give your users the tools they need and for each message sent it is signed as your app!
It is very simple, you just have to sign up and pick the appOptim SDK. You will be assisted step-by-step in your customer interface. We are also working on auto integration to make this step easier.