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24 janvier,


30 January, 2019

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Woman rages after being seated next to ?big? passengers on United Airlines plane: ?I eat salad, okay??

Woman rages after being seated next to ?big? passengers on United Airlines plane: ?I eat salad, okay??A woman was reportedly thrown off a flight after raging against ?big? passengers she claimed she was wedged between in a middle seat. The outburst was filmed and later shared online by Norma Rodgers, one of the passengers on the receiving end of the woman?s insults, and has since been viewed more than one million times. Footage of the incident shows the passenger complaining about being seated between Ms Rodgers and a man she had been travelling with, named only as Mac.

28 January, 2019

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Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of being behind Russia dossier in Twitter rant after Roger Stone arrest

Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of being behind Russia dossier in Twitter rant after Roger Stone arrestDonald Trump attacked the media and Hillary Clinton following the arrest of his former adviser Roger Stone, accusing the 2016 Democratic candidate of paying for the infamous dossier alleging ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. The president sent out a series of angry tweets attempting to distance himself from his campaign ally and divert attention towards Ms Clinton late on Saturday. The FBI arrested Mr Stone on seven charges in connection with Robert Mueller?s investigation into Russian election interference, including giving false statements and witness tampering.

25 January, 2019

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Moscow warns US against intervention in Venezuela as Maduro clings on to power amid protests

Moscow warns US against intervention in Venezuela as Maduro clings on to power amid protestsRussiaaccused the United States of trying to usurp power inVenezuelaand warned against US military intervention there, putting it at odds with Washington and the EU which backed protests against one of Moscow's closest allies. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim leader on Wednesday, winning the support of Washington and parts of Latin America and prompting Socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who has led the oil-rich nation since 2013, to sever diplomatic ties with the United States. The prospect of Maduro being ousted is a geopolitical and economic headache for Moscow which, alongside China, has become a creditor of last resort for Caracas, lending it billions of dollars as its economy implodes. Moscow has also provided support for its military and oil industry. Russiaon Thursday accused Washington of stoking street protests and of trying to undermine Maduro, whom it called the country's legitimate president. "We consider the attempt to usurp sovereign authority inVenezuelato contradict and violate the basis and principles of international law," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Guaido vs Maduro | Who is backing Venezuela's two presidents He saidRussiahad not received aVenezuelan request for military help and declined to say how it would respond if it did. Maduro, who met President Vladimir Putin in Moscow in December, was the legitimate president, said Peskov. TheRussian Foreign Ministry weighed in too, complaining that Washington was seeking to determine the fate of other nations by using a well-tried strategy of trying to depose an undesirable government. It told Washington not to intervene militarily, warning outside interference was the path to bloodshed. "We warn against such adventurism which is fraught with catastrophic consequences," it said. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan offered support for Maduro too. A demonstrator throws back a gas canister while clashing with security forces during a rally against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Credit: CARLOS EDUARDO RAMIREZ/REUTERS "My brother Maduro! Stand tall, we stand by you!" presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin, writing on Twitter, quoted Erdogan as saying. China, a major lender to Caracas, also voiced its support for Maduro, saying it opposed outside interference inVenezuelaand supported efforts to protect its independence and stability. The European Union, which has imposed sanctions onVenezuelaand boycotted Maduro's swearing-in for a second term earlier this month, took a different tack. Nicolas Maduro remained defiant, leading counter protest in Caracas Credit: Anadolu/Anadolu Although it stopped short of following Washington and recognising Guaido as interim president, it called on the authorities inVenezuelato respect his "civil rights, freedom and safety" and appeared to support calls for a peaceful transition of power away from Maduro. "The people ofVenezuelahave massively called for democracy and the possibility to freely determine their own destiny. These voices cannot be ignored," the 28-nation bloc said in a statement. French President Emmanuel Macron saluted the courage ofVenezuelans marching for freedom and called Maduro's 2018 election victory illegal. housands of protesters gather at Plaza Baquedano to demonstrate their support for opposition leader Juan Guaido Credit: Getty/Agencia Makro A spokesman for British Prime Minister Theresa May said the election has been neither free nor fair and expressed support for Guaido as national assembly head. Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez planned to call Guaido after talks with Latin American leaders in Davos, a government source said on Thursday.