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24 janvier,


08 April, 2019

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US attorney general pressed for evidence clearing Trump

US attorney general pressed for evidence clearing TrumpTwo weeks after he cleared President Donald Trump in the Russia meddling investigation, Attorney General Bill Barr faces mounting pressure to show the full evidence behind his decision. Allegations this week that the US Justice chief played down serious evidence of illegal obstruction by Trump in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report are fueling demands that he release the entire, unexpurgated document to Congress. "He's a biased defender of the administration, and he's entitled to be a defender of the administration, but he is not entitled to withhold the evidence from Congress," Nadler said.

03 April, 2019

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AOC fires back at Liz Cheney over 'dead people' comment: 'I see you get your news from Facebook memes'

AOC fires back at Liz Cheney over 'dead people' comment: 'I see you get your news from Facebook memes'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hit back at Liz Cheney after the Republican congresswoman accused her Democratic colleague of misunderstanding the history of the US constitution. Ms Cheney, daughter of former president Dick Cheney, on Monday shared a video of Ms Ocasio-Cortez in which she claimed the Democratic party used to be so popular politicians in the 1940s had to amend the Constitution in order to stop Franklin D Roosevelt being re-elected. The comment was mocked by critics who pointed out Roosevelt died two years before Congress ratified the 22 Amendment, which prevented presidents from serving more than two terms.?We knew the Democrats let dead people vote. According to @AOC, they can run for President, too,? Ms Cheney tweeted in reference to a conspiracy theory espoused by Donald Trump.?I see from your dead people comment that you get your news from Facebook memes,? responded Ms Ocasio-Cortez, who linked to a Newsweek article she said would ?clarify your misunderstanding? of the 22nd Amendment.Despite the crticism, Ms Ocasio-Cortez was at least partially justified in her claim Roosevelt's popularity forced a constitutional change.Lawmakers were already pushing for the 22nd Amendment when Roosevelt won an unprecedented fourth term in 1944. He died less than three months after his inauguration the following year, before a Republican-controlled Congress ratified the amendment in 1947.